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The internet is a great thing. It opens up the entire wired and wireless world to your company. Our company focuses on consumer resources, primarily highly targeted shopping and special interest sites as well as informational resources for people shopping for life insurance.

Social media is great supplement to a company’s online marketing efforts. The website, domain name (URL), and company’s own email, though, are the core elements. Why? These are the elements that are entirely under your own control. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms are great places to reach potential customers and to stay in touch with your existing clients. You should use them, understand them, and leverage them to manage your brand online while keeping your own website in the loop. Other sites and platforms may have third party advertising, competing messages, and other noise that distracts from your message. Your own site and emails contain only your own message and approved elements.

On your site, you can recommend complimentary products and services. You can update your site immediately with news, promotions, and offers. We have a preferred, exclusive partner for life insurance. We know them and that they are experienced and caring. For shopping sites, we are open to working with quality manufacturers but also see value in working with Amazon to leverage their infrastructure and buying power for products ranging from a cantilever umbrella to inflatable car beds. If you are a manufacturer or publisher, you should have your own web site but you might want to consider selling through this massive retailer. You can find information about selling through Amazon at http://services.amazon.com/selling/benefits.htm.